Mind Movies & 7 Secrets To Success by Glen & Natalie Ledwell

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Mind Movies & 7 Secrets To Success by Glen & Natalie Ledwell

As a part of your amazing package gift from Mind Movies, you'll get…

Access to the Mind Movies 2.1 Creation Kit. A Mind Movie is a short, 3 minute video filled with powerful affirmations, emotionally inspiring images and motivational music. By watching your Mind Movie twice a day you are commanding the universe to bring you the people, and resources required to make your dreams a reality.

Thousands of people have already discovered the life changing power of Mind Movies, and within just a few minutes with a few clicks of a button, you too can create the picture of your ideal life.

7 Secrets To Happiness Program. This was created by Natalie Ledwell as she went on a journey to meet her greatest, most important goal. She documented every step, and then turned it into an easy-to-follow road map for achieving a lifetime of happiness and success. This step-by-step program comes with audio, video and an interactive blog, so you can ask Natalie questions along the way, as well as interact with others going through the program.


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Additional Mind Movie JV Training Video

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