We Need Your Help…

While most of us will be spending the holidays with family and friends traveling or at home, Sophie will be spending her Christmas in a Boston hospital, preparing to go through a grueling operation and subsequent nasty series of chemotherapy treatments – a situation you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

That’s why The Lords of Marketing and a host of other very cool, caring and passionate people from the IM community are working together and asking for your help in the fundraising efforts that may give four year old Sophie a chance to see many, many more family holidays to come.

Perhaps you may have heard about Sophie, the daughter and joy inspiring source of Ted Ehr, a marketer based in San Diego. Many have already stepped up and answered the plea for help. Many more are still needed to help the family cover the extremely expensive costs of these surgeries and the on-going medical treatment.

We realize that everyone’s winding down for the holidays and family time and that it’s an aggressive endeavor to pull off in such a short amount of time, but our group has made a point of carving time out of their busy schedules for this noble cause , and would be incredibly grateful if you would contribute in one (or more) ways with this cause.

We are looking to mail out a short, sharp blast of an immense value product package that we are putting together on Dec 28th, and also – with the generous donation of time and resources from Bill McIntosh and the Job Crusher team, to host a full LIVESTREAM day on January 4th, with a host of A-list marketers participating, both in the broadcast and the products on offer.

We really need your help us with the items below:

Product donation for the two 1-day-only events Participating on the LIVESTREAM day.

So far, a number of real ballers have jumped at the chance to assist, and those confirmed at this very early stage include:

Bill McIntosh, Matt Gill and Eric Louviere from Jobcrusher, “The” Mark Anthony Bates, Rob Burns, Kent Clothier, Ron Davies, Brian A. Williams, Dax Aurand, Nick Peall, Jarrett Stevenson, Roland Frasier, Glen Ledwell, And even that new upstart Stephen Renton, Jefreaux Peairs, Laura Betterley, Novalena Jennie Betancourt, Howard Tiano, Bill Davis, Pete Craig, Aiden Chong, Greg S Reid “Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold” and “Pass It On”, Mike Lewis, Audrey Kerwood, Mary Lyford (UK), Amid Yousef, Phil Henderson (UK), Andy Hussong (JV Superstar & all around good guy), Seth Larabee, Jason Drohn, Zed Shah, Peter Parks, Tim Atkinson, Matthew Mintun, Alexandra Cattoni, Aj Martirano.

We need, but more importantly Sophie needs, your support with this venture, and given the short time frames involved (and the rapidly approaching Xmas break) it would be great to hear back with a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ from you as soon as possible.

Imagine how terrible it would be if you or someone you love were to never experience another holiday season. By you giving so little, it would mean so much. You have the power to now make a huge difference for little Sophie and her family. Won’t you now use that power to please help us help her. Let’s use all of our IM resources to give a young, beautiful, innocent 4 Year old girl a fighting chance and give her family hope that this won’t be the last Christmas they all spend together here on earth!!

Contact us NOW on what you can do help us on this fantastic Cause!! Click here & let us know you can help.